Feedback from Consultation Period

The Consultation period has now ended. We much appreciate the level of interest shown and thank the many local residents who attended the 4 advertized events during May 2014 to express their viewpoint. In addition, the time spent by many residents in engaging with Design Team experts on hand proved most valuable in establishing areas of particular concern and possible solutions.

All comment & feedback from the Public Consultation & Workshop events has been accurately recorded & compiled into a ‘Feedback Overview’ document, available in pdf format. This has been passed onto the Design Team for consideration & response.

The IBSA Design Team response for all issues raised can be noted in either the ‘Response Chart’ or ‘Response Graphic’, both available in pdf format. The considerable effort made in positively responding to key feedback comments has resulted in many beneficial changes to the proposed Project Masterplan. The ‘Response Graphic’ uses an artistic visual of the Temple Farm site to easily identify proposed action items contained in the revised Masterplan.