We have thought carefully about how the design responds to our neighbours and the site’s natural qualities

Our initial surveys indicate that the proposed use would add to traffic in the surrounding areas by less than 5% during peak times.

Although our plans are not yet finalised, we are committed to ensuring that our proposals have as little impact on the amenity of our neighbours as possible.

The introduction of more trees and hedgerows will act as a green buffer protecting views into the site.

Our unique live/work environment means that those who live on site will have no need to travel by car to the workplace. This will dramatically reduce car use and emissions. In fact our initial surveys indicate that the proposed use would add to traffic in the surrounding areas by less than 5% during peak times.

Site Connectivity

Our HGVs have a minimal impact on roads surrounding our existing facilities in a residential area of North London. This will continue to be the case around Temple Farm, with HGV movements being significantly less than the previously approved scheme.

As well as limiting the use of delivery vehicles to areas of the site that will not disturb our neighbours, we also propose routing HGVs via the A12.

8. The Proposal

Our live/work balance creates a highly sustainable development with a mix of uses…

The purpose of the proposed development is to provide administrative headquarters for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Britain and Ireland. It will be occupied by skilled individuals who will live and work on the site.

The proposed uses will include the following:


  • A printery for Bible-based literature;
  • Packing and distribution for national and international destinations;
  • Administrative and Language & Translation offices;
  • Video and sound production studios;
  • Auditorium and training facilities;
  • Building and landscaping maintenance;
  • An energy centre;
  • One and two bedroom apartments accommodating up to 1200 residents and visitors;
  • Residential services including catering and laundry facilities;
  • Health and aged care facilities;
  • Recreational facilities;
  • A visitor Centre.


9. The Proposal

…that will enhance and continue to protect the site’s qualities long into the future.

The key benefits resulting from this development:

  • Removal of harmful activities;
  • Restoration and enhancement of ecology;
  • Minimal impact on the transport network;
  • Viable long term use;
  • Highly sustainable development with a mix of uses;
  • BREEAM rating of ‘very good’ with bio diverse green roofs and energy centre;
  • Re-provision and relocation of currently unusable public footpath;
  • Daily printery tours open to the public;
  • Significant investment in the local economy.